Four Seasons



"Everything about it—from the unique harmonic structures of the period instruments to the immediacy of its sound—is superb."
"..superlative stereo sound...[with] good tonal balance and transparency...multi-miked, but well-mixed."
"Optimal performance and recording make this new version of one of the most recorded classical compositions a must for connoisseurs and neophytes."
"Elizabeth Blumenstock is the soloist, and she is as fearless as she is accomplished. Sonics are perfect. Wow – another Four Seasons. I mean it: Wow."
"Recording engineer David v.R. Bowles has once again faithfully captured every measure of art, breath taken and string pretested to produce an engaging 'you are in the thick of it' result."
"I had about half a dozen recordings of The Four Seasons on hand for comparison...they all sounded glassier, softer, rougher, or less clear as the case may be than the Philharmonia Baroque recording, which outshone them all."

Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" and three violin concerti (B-flat major, RV277, "Il Favorito" and "La Favorita"). Elizabeth Blumenstock, violin; Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, Nicholas McGegan OBE, music director. Ms. Blumenstock performs on a violin made by Andrea Guarneri in 1660. This was recorded at the Scoring Stage at Skywalker Sound.


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