Cantata Collective perform Bach's St. John passion



"...the overall experience of this exceptionally well-recorded live performance is one of attending a highly meaningful church service even if one does not happen to be a member of the particular denomination for which the music was created."
"The recording, made in concert at the First Congregational Church of Berkeley in March 2022, captures an intimate, detailed, and warm acoustic. It’s billed as a “live” recording yet the audience is silent throughout. In all, this is a beautifully performed and recorded St. John Passion that gives full measure to the work’s remarkable synthesis of devotional and theatrical elements."
"The live sound engineering is marvelous, making the choir sound like a much larger group (there is no applause) and defining big spaces where the singers have room to define the text closely."

Live recording, performed by Thomas Cooley (Evangelist); Paul Max Tipton (Jesus); Harrison Hintzsche (Pilate; bass); Nola Richardson (soprano); Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen (alto); Derek Chester (tenor); and Cantata Collective (Nicholas McGegan, conductor).

Atmos mixing and mastering: Michael Romanowski (Coast Mastering)



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