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Swineshead Productions, LLC offers audiophile recordings using modern custom-made microphones and microphone preamplifiers. For conversion to digital audio we use products by NTP/Digital Audio Denmark. Two separate recording rigs of equal quality are available for conflicting recording dates; if possible we will supervise both recordings and arrange for an assistant to cover one of them.

For commercial release production we charge production and engineering fees per day as follows: $850 (one 3-hour session/day), $950 (one 4-hour session/day), $1,400 (two 3-hour sessions/day), $1,500 (two 4-hour sessions/day). For more than two sessions/day, rate needs to be negotiated. There is no charge for a balance session before the recording sessions begin. All of these projects are recorded in high-resolution audio with each microphone on a separate track (for later mixing and processing). Liability insurance coverage is available with sufficient lead-time. The client will pay for the following: rental of studio/building, keyboard moving/tuning costs, travel expenses, accommodation and shipping of audio equipment to and from the location.

For live concert recordings, pricing is flexible. We charge from $500 (for two-microphone recording, with a short warm-up beforehand) to $1,200 (for 16-24 track recording with setup the day before plus a full rehearsal/balance). Post-concert patch sessions at a negotiable rate. While a stereo pair is sufficient for archival work, use of additional microphones is recommended to add spaciousness and emphasize solo instruments and/or voices. Our live recording techniques provide a sophisticated solution in 3D audio and surround as well as stereo. If the same programme is performed in the same venue more than once, mic positions and other settings are documented, so seamless editing between performances is possible. Recording in high-resolution audio is optional; see rates below.

For both commercial release and concert recordings, production assistance is an extra $60/hour per person needed.

Post-production charges are as follows: $150/hour for editing, mixing and mastering; $2.00/gigabyte for data backup to tape; CD-R/DDP masters at $25.00 each (every copy verified for low error count); CD/DVD copies at $7.50 each; shipping and packaging as per client's request. Writing or reading tapes in other formats is available from other facilities at their cost plus 5%, and applicable S&H charges (for example, converting a SACD master to high-resolution format, or converting ADAT or 1630 tapes to WAV files).

For the past few years we have been recording commercial projects in surround-sound and/or 3D audio; we recommend releasing them in Pure Audio Blu-Ray format or on paid download sites which offer 192kHz stereo, 3D and surround (in 96kHz lossless audio). Authoring for Blu-Ray is done at msm-studios, please contact us with further questions.

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