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In Unison Choral Podcasts Season 3 Episode 9 (July 2021)

David Bowles talks about mic techniques, 3-D audio, a history lesson about stereo technology, World War II, and something called the “Magnetron”.
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When Steel Talks UpClose Interview with David Bowles and Paul Geluso (October 2019)

In an interview with When Steel Talks distinguished producers David Bowles and Paul Geluso share their thoughts on the future of immersive works today and tomorrow, and the day after.
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Classical Guitar Insider Episode #60 (July, 2015)

David Bowles explains in scientific terms: Records are not better than CD’s.
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read full article... Stereophile - What's an Audiophile? #634 (July, 2015)

An audiophile loves good sound and good music, and strives to extract great sound from quality recordings in order to experience music to its fullest."
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Working Class Audio (April, 2015)

David takes Matt (Working Class Audio) through the complexities of recording and producing in the world of classical music.
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read full article...BerkeleyPatch (September, 2013)

Shirley Kristen reveals the many facets of David Bowles’s work as sound engineer and producer. In several video segments, they cover a wide range of topics including his musical background and career turn; recording techniques in different venues and much more.
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read full article...Music Industry News Network (October, 2010)

"The Orpheus is the best external interface available, therefore I'm able to guarantee clients the same level of quality whether using the H64, LRX2 or Orpheus."
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read full interview...UK Händel website (Issue 2, December 2001)

David Vickers spoke to David Bowles about making Handel opera recordings at the Göttingen Handel Festival, recording Alessandro Scarlatti's cantatas with The Arcadian Academy, and the dangers of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).
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