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Swineshead Productions, LLC is a classical recording production company, formed by producer and engineer David v.R Bowles in 1995. His recordings have been GRAMMY-nominated (Classical - Best Orchestral Performance) and won the “Classical Orchestral Album” prize from Just Plain Folks Awards. Other Bowles-produced and engineered releases have been named “Record of the Month - Editor's Choice” from Gramophone Magazine and Opera News; also “Record of the Year” from the New York Times, the New Yorker, Miami Clįsica and Classical Candour. Other magazines and websites have mentioned the high standards of audio engineering and production associated with Mr. Bowles. In addition to many commercial releases in CD and paid download formats, he has recorded hundreds of live performances and produced broadcasts and radio series.

The overriding challenge in recording music is to capture a convincing performance which will engage the listener’s emotions and intellect alike. Swineshead Productions, LLC ensures superior sound quality with high resolution state-of-the-art recording equipment. “Golden ears” as a recording engineer, extensive production experience and a background in performance mean Mr. Bowles produces and engineers the perfect audio recording. Recommendations and samples of recent work provided upon request.

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